Monday, November 30, 2015

This #GivingTuesday Help End Energy Poverty

What can you do to help end energy poverty?

Every week, more than a million new people are born into the world to feed, clothe and shelter.  And the greatest growth in population comes from many of the least developed nations. Today, in this rapidly expanding world, 1.3 billion people have no access to electricity, and nearly 900 million still use unsafe drinking water.  More than 2.5 billion people still rely on biomass, like wood and dung, for cooking.  Energy is crucial to lift people from a life of hardship and poverty.

Traditionally, much of the resource, service provision, investment and technology to address energy poverty is driven by government policy / funding and corporate, institutional and financial sector investment. But as individuals we can each make our own significant contribution - starting now.

For #GivingTuesday,  here is a list of non-profit and charitable organizations all helping to make a difference to help end energy poverty. Consider contributing. The list is not all inclusive nor intended to be a specific endorsement but is a good and efficient starting point.  I hope you find it useful and welcome your additions, critiques and ideas for the list. Thanks in advance for your help.

Select Non-profit Organizations Addressing Energy Poverty:
Ashden Trust:
Energy for All:
Engineers without Borders
Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves:
Grid Alternatives:
Innovation: Africa
Light Foundation:
Practical Action:
Sirona Cares:
Solar Electric Light Fund:
Solar Sister:
STG International:
Unite to Light:
US Aid

Select Non-Profit Agencies and Organizations Addressing General Global Poverty And Energy Poverty
Rockefeller Foundation:
United Nations Foundation:

Diverse Viewpoints and General Information on Energy Poverty:

One Way to Help Fund Your Contributions to Help End Energy Poverty:

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