Thursday, December 29, 2016

36 to Follow on Climate & Energy Issues: March Update

In 2017,  if I could follow only 36 people or organizations on Twitter to learn about real-time climate and energy issues, this would be my (highly subjective,  purposefully diverse) list.  I disagree completely with many of the opinions of some on the list, others I support fully. I constructed the list to include content expertise, wide-ranging viewpoints, data/infographics access, information and insights on fossil fuels, renewables and nuclear energy, and environmental, climate, economic, security and policy issues from academic, industry, media, NGO, and political perspectives.

I'll update the list periodically ( as with this March update), as no doubt I've inadvertently omitted even some of my own favorites. Your thoughtful recommendations and comments are appreciated. My hope for 2017 is that we learn as much or more from those with whom we disagree as from those who share our opinions.

Yale Climate Program    

And one for you to consider:
David Lawrence

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