Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Revenue-Positive Carbon Tax and Investment Program You Can Begin Now

         Time is valuable, especially when it comes to the difficult task of addressing climate change while providing people around the world with the energy they need. Are you frustrated by the pace and proposals of climate and energy talks and searching for solutions that are within your control and enable you to make a difference? Would you like to lower your carbon emissions, save energy and money, invest in clean energy, and help end energy poverty? Here's a one-minute overview of a Do-It-Yourself, revenue-positive carbon tax and investment program to help you achieve your goals, starting now.

1. Cut your CO2 emissions in half over the next decade through energy efficiency, conservation, lifestyle choices, and use of cleaner energy technologies.  Start slow or fast - it's up to you. See valuable how-to links here.

2.Tax yourself with a $5 - $40/ton self-imposed price on carbon. It's easy to make an estimate of your carbon footprint and tax.

3. Save money through your energy savings to offset or complement the tax.
4. Create value by investing your tax and energy savings in companies, institutions and organizations researching, developing, implementing and deploying clean energy solutions. You choose the investments and you receive the returns on those investments.
5.  Go one step farther and contribute a percentage of your tax to organizations and institutions helping to end energy poverty around the world. 

                                            You can make a difference

           For more information on how to start click here.

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